Meet Koločep Island

Welcome to Koločep, or as the locals call it Kalamota, and discover a truly remote destination of incredible beauty.  This pristine, untouched Eden is part of the Elaphite islands, located only 20 minutes by boat from Dubrovnik. 

The island is favored both by locals and tourists because of its untouched nature, and the smell of pine trees that blend with salty air. 

  • Koločep Shorline
  • Coast of Kalamota
  • Forest covered cliffs
  • Koločep Island southern side nature
  • Rocks and clear sea
  • View from cliffs of Koločep
  • View from island lighthouse
  • Kalamota Cliffs
  • Hiking Koločep Island trail
  • Koločep Island coast
  • Koločep Cliffs
  • Koločep Island Areal View

With about 160 friendly inhabitants this island is an intimate oasis surrounded by lush evergreens set right on the seashore of the pristine crystal sea.  This car-free island is an ideal carefree holiday with so much to offer. 

Fruit trees and olive trees are permeant guests of the island, and if you pick a fruit or two, well it will just have to be our little secret. Explore the caves and the dusty trails, sunbathe,e or just grab a seat by the sea and try our chefs’ latest creations.

Shapes, Colors and Aroma of Kalamota

Hidden rocky beaches and sandy coves with pristine crystal sea hide schools of fish that shimmer under the sun. Many will go and find their spot in one of the caves with deep blue seas.

The entire island is a traffic-free zone making it a safe oasis for a carefree holiday.

Here every step brings a new discovery.  Escape to the exquisite simplicity of an island paradise, leaving behind the complexity of everyday life.  Clear waters, salty swims, and lots of sunshine, to be exact 250 sunny days a year, are the things we all need in our lives, so make sure you add Kalamota to your summer bucket list.


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