Top 10 Best Koločep Beaches: Where to swim, soak up the sun and live the island dream


Clear waters, salty swims, and lots of sunshine are things we all need in our lives. So get your bikini on and plan to lounge on one of the 10 best Kolocep beaches are an awesome addition to your Croatia summer bucket list.

Are you a sand, pebble, or rock type? You can dive into pristine clear waters pretty much anywhere, however, these are the top 10 best Kolocep beaches worthy of your visit to the island.

Top 10 best Kolocep beaches:

1. Bige Beach

This is a remote rocky beach. Your 30-minute walk will be rewarded with this amazing secluded place.

2. Placet

A visit to Kolocep beaches must include one of most stunning Placet.

Placet beach tucked away on Kolocep’s southern side, is known for its dramatic cliffside vistas that make for incredible snapshots.

This small rocky beach is located at the bottom of the steps. Due to fallen trees and steep steps, it was officially declared hazardous. So, you will do this at your own risk.

3. Jekavac

Just a bit further from don Đivan beach, another pebbly Kolocep beach that offers shade, so it makes it family-friendly.

4. Donje Čelo

The center of the village is dominated by a long sandy beach; part of the beach is used by the local hotel the rest is open to the public. 

5. Ploče

The name in Croatian means stone slabs, and you can guess that this is a rocky beach. This beach is just off the main road connecting two villages. 

6. Don Gjivan (Don Đivan)

Don Gjivan (locally called Don Đivan) is a sandy/rockyKalamota Island beach

This is a lovely pebble sandy beach. The turquoise sand and crystal-clear sea are very inviting. Great place for family as shade is available too.

7. Lighthouse

This is a secluded lovely spot with a pothole that guarantees a lot of excitement and adrenaline. Descending a winding walkway down the cliff, pause to admire the views of the sea and verdant cliff tops before you. Please note that when coming on foot, stairs are rather steep and there is no handrailing.

8. Nude Kolocep Beaches

The local nude beach is located outside of the Donje Čelo village, it is a rocky beach with sunbathing terraces.

9. Gornje Čelo Sandy Beach

This is a small sandy beach favored by local families with children. The shallow sandy part is perfect for children. The shade is also available under the dense pine trees.

10. Gornje Čelo pier

It is not beach per se however it is worth mentioning. This is a spot where small boats doing island cruises will stop throughout the day so people can jump off the “parapet” the wall protecting the pier from the waves.

When you are ready to take a breather from swimming and sunbathing on Kolocep beaches and walk the nature trail through the island’s interior or paddle a kayak under the pine trees.

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