How to best get to Kolocep Island from Dubrovnik


Elaphiti islands is a small archipelago located just outside of Dubrovnik. Almost a rock throw away, a peaceful and charming perfect getaway from the crowds. However, it is an archipelago and we depend on boats. So here are the best ways to get to Koločep Island from Dubrovnik.

Koločep is the first island off Dubrovnik, it is also the southeast inhabited island in the Adriatic Sea. There are 2 villages on the island, approximately 2 km apart, Gornje and Donje Čelo.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Kolocep Island by ferry.

Thick pine forests and remote secluded beaches sound like a perfect place to relax, fade out and become one with the Mediterranean. This oasis of peace and solitude is about 30 minutes by boat from the busy streets of Dubrovnik.

So, these are the options to reach Koločep locally known as Kalamota. There are two regular boat lines running from Dubrovnik Gruž port to the island. The line ran by Jadrolinija goes to Donje Čelo, boat Europa runs to Gornje Čelo. Our lovely hotel and GChelo restaurant are in Gornje čelo.

Get to Kolocep from Dubrovnik by Europa Boat

Boat Europa goes twice a day in the offseason, three times a day in the season. Europa leaves Dubrovnik just across from the Fresh Market in Gruž and tickets can be purchased directly on the boat.

For more details about the boat departure times feel free to contact us. This boat line was established to connect Gornje čelo to Dubrovnik and help locals commute whether for work or school.

Jadrolinija Passenger Ferry

Jadrolinija Dubrovnik - Elaphiti Islands passenger ferry line connects all three islands to the mainland, normally this line is run with Postira ferry, in the off-season when Postira is serviced Premuda ferry takes over. Postira has been a lifeline for years to the islands and it has many stories to tell.

A simple way to get to Kolocep island from Dubrovnik is to bead the Jadrolinija passeneger ferry.

Koločep is the first stop off Dubrovnik and lasts before Dubrovnik. Please note that Postira runs to Donje Čelo from the pier in Dubrovnik Gruž port, tickets are purchased in their office right next to the pier. Ferry schedule is available on

Reaching Kalamota Beach House

Once you disembark the passenger ferry at Donje čelo and you would like to visit Kalamota Beach House hotel, you need to cross the island. This might sound like a lot however Koločep is the smallest of the three and this is a 20 min light stroll.

When you get off the boat right after the pier there is a small street going up and this is where to go. Just follow the road that winds through the village.

By the end of the village on the intersection turn right and descend, after few meters you should pass the ruins of st. Michael church and companion object. The road goes between fields of olive groves, lemon orchards, and dense Mediterranean forest.

Kalamota Beach House is at Gornje Čelo on the island. Get to Koločep by taking a water taxi directly to the hotel.

If the season is right keep an eye out for wild blackberries, thorns are a threat but the fruits are full of flavor and in the spring keep an eye out for cherries as many trees by the roads are cherry trees.

Once you reach Gornje čelo you just need to descend to the seashore and you are right outside of our little property. This is a lovely walk however we strongly recommend that you don’t do this carrying luggage.

An alternative way to get to Kolocep

An alternative to these regular boat lines is taking a water taxi from Dubrovnik to get to Kolocep island. Getting to Koločep from Lopud and Šipan can be arranged through Jadrolinija lines that go to Donje Čelo, or by private boat.

Arriving from alternative places such as Orašac, Zaton or other islands can be done only by private boat transfers. Just drop us an email to organize it for you quickly and painlessly.

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