Šipan Island

Šipan is located 3 km from Koločep, 30 minutes by boat. It is accessible by regular boat line or private transfer.

  • Šipan Tower ruins from Dubrovnik Republic times
  • Sunsets at Šipan Island, view of the sun is setting behind Mljet and korcula islands
  • Šipan, photo of old historical buildings
šipan island largest of elaphiti

Largest Elaphiti Island

Šipan is the largest of the Elaphiti islands; divided into two settlements on opposite sides of the island, Suđurađ and Šipanska Luka. The road from one side of the island is 5,2 km long so Šipan is the only Elaphity island with cars.

Historically it was recognized by noble families from Dubrovnik as an oasis of peace and beauty. Therefore, today island hides 42 summer villas and 34 churches. Suđurađ is dominated by two fortified towers that were used for protection and they are a part of two summer villas that belonged to family Skočibuha.

Island of Olive Groves

The island earned its place in Guinness book of records for the ratio of olive trees to number of people. While on island do not miss to visit the church of Holy Spirit, originally a fort from 16th century that was later repurposed to a church that during this process included some of the early baroque elements. 

Šipan olive groves

Šipanska Luka is a haven for sail boats and yachts because of the position where it is well protected from winds. Although the monuments from the middle ages are scattered around the island Šipanska Luka is dominated by Villa Stjepović, a family that earned their fortune in chile and upon their return in 1908. built the current villa. 

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