Mljet Island

An island 11 nautical miles from Koločep, Mljet is a synonym for National park, although only a quarter of the island is a national park over 70% of the island is covered with dense forest.

  • Mljet Large Lake with St Mary
  • Green Nature Appeal of Mljet
St. Mary Mljet Island

National Park

Numerous untouched beaches and coves with crystal clear sea are islands characteristic. The must-see of the island are the Malo (Small) Lake and Veliko (Large) Lake with the island of St. Mary. 

Forest covered Mljet is the most seductive of all the Adriatic islands. Established as a national park in 1960, Mljet is still peaceful and not overrun by tourists. Visitors are almost entirely drawn to the tourist enclave around Pomena. The rest of the island retains the unspoiled air of tranquility that, according to legend, captivated Odysseus for seven years.

Odysseus's cave

According to the legend, Odysseus's cave is where Odysseus spend 7 years under nymph Calypso's enchantment. Even today fishermen use this cave to store their gear, so this also makes it one of the peculiar ports.

Odysseus's cave, fishermans port on Mljet

Greek sailors stopped on the shores of Mljet during their journeys as evidenced by the numerous Greek amphoras along the coast of Mljet and shipwrecks tucked away along its coast. The best examples of Illyrian era fortifications and tombs are those on Veliko jezero, Veliki Gradac, and the fortress at Vodice, near Babino Polje.

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