Korčula Island

Island Korčula is the second most inhabited island in Croatia located 120 km north of Dubrovnik, accessible by car and ferry.

  • Cathedral Korcula
  • View of the island from the sea
  • Korčula Island a destination of preserved nature
Korčula Old Town Main Gate Staircase

Nature & History

Historically the island was inhabited by different nations and cultures who left their influence on the local culture as we can experience today.

An astonishing amount of natural and historical sites is located on the island such as thick forests, caves, coves, vineyards of Grk, and Pošip grapes. The highlights include the small city of Korcula, which has terracotta-roofed houses above medieval fortified walls and round towers, with views of the nearby mountain range.

Rich Culture

The main town on the island of Korčula, also named Korčula is where the sword dance Moreška is performed, a well-known dramatic folk sword dance that used to travel around the Mediterranean. 

Photo of Old Town Korcula

One of the more interesting historical tidbits is that allegedly Marco Polo (1254 - 1324), a merchant, a world traveler, and a writer was born in Korčula Old Town. In the Old Town, his supposed house of birth is turned into a Museum of Marco Polo.

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