Dubrovnik Old Town

Well known as the ‘’Pearl of the Adriatic’’, Dubrovnik is a city of unique and breath-taking beauty and cultural heritage.

  • Stradun Main Street of Dubrovnik
  • Dubrovnik Old Town Photo from Srđ mountain
  • Dubrovnik St John Fortress at the port
Dubrovnik Old Town Walls are main reason why Dubrovnik gets so many visitors each year.

City Walls

Located on the cross-section of main trade routes capital of the Dubrovnik Republic invoked technology advances and culture that can be seen in its architecture and structures. This medieval city is captivating and seducing kings and artists for centuries.

A famous writer George Bernard Shaw described Dubrovnik with the sentence “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik”. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1979. and it is one of the first such listings in Croatia.

The Old Town is surrounded by 1940 meters of medieval fortification preserved in their original form and imposing fortresses and bastions. With its churches, monasteries, museums, palaces, and other remarkable cultural heritage, the city represents a perfect compound between the present and the past.

Culture & Architecture

It is hard to make a short list of places to visit because the city is a living monument. Stroll down the Stradun street, climb the Lovrijenac fortress, attend a performance during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, visit Rector’s Palace and Sponza, admire St. Blaises Church and Cathedral, enjoy the architecture and many more attractive sites.

Also, do not miss tasting some of the delicious local specialties at the numerous taverns and restaurants and sip a cup of coffee on the main square.

Atmosphere, culture and architecture of Dubrovnik

Its excellent geographic location, mild Mediterranean climate, rich history, and traditional hospitality will make you fall in love with it forever.

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