The picturesque town of Cavtat is known as the cradle of Dubrovnik, as it is said the settlers from Cavtat founded it. Located just 18 km south of Dubrovnik, it is accessible by boat or a transfer. 


  • Cavtat Gospa Church on the promenade
  • Cavtat, an Ancient town with rich history
  • Rectors Palace in Cavtat, it houses B. Bogisic painter collection
Racic Mausoleum in Town of Cavtat

Historical Wealth

Cavtat is a small Mediterranean town located on the peninsula of Rat, inhabited since Roman times. Thus, many archeological sites from different historical eras are sprinkled all around Cavtat area.

Local cemetery with Račić mausoleum work of Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović. This white octagonal structure is built of famous white stone from the island of Brač. It is also told that it hides a love story between Marija Račič later Banac and the sculptor.

House of Vlaho Bukovac

Besides amazing nature, beaches, and pathways with many bars and restaurants you can visit Kuća Bukovac, the birth house of a famous Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac from the late 19th century.

It is like entering into a different world and retracing his steps. Walls are decorated with his early work murals, the house has some of the original furniture. Paintings from his different periods will help you understand his development and importance as an artist.

House Vlaho Bukovac in Cavtat

One of the more important monuments is the Rectors Palace. It was built in the 16th century and today it is a collection showcase of Baltazar Bogišić who was a scientist and jurist of European renown. Here you can find rare books, historical archives, paintings, and crockery.  

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