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Gornje Čelo, 20221 Koločep, Croatia
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The island of Koločep the hint of beauty within Dubrovnik

The beauty of shapes, colors and smells of Kalamota fills all the senses with pleasure; staying at Kalamota Island allows you to understand rich beauty of the nature and the full experience of its authentic harmony, its rhythm, its perfection. More than 250 sunny days per year caress the island, and because of ideal position next to Dubrovnik
this island is a very desirable tourist destination since after a few hours of stay in the vibrant city the visitor returns to the precious sunset and the soft homely atmosphere of the island from which the sun is like gold and the evening sky has a shimmer of sapphire. What a pleasure to observe from Kalamota stars blinking with pink light and moon like pale ambre!

Welcome to Koločep, lovely green adriatic island of Dubrovnik archipelago which is, according to web site, added to the list of seven idyllic island oasis for a perfect vacation in 2017.
Koločep is one of three inhabited Dubrovnik Elaphite Islands, which is well recognizable by tourists for its untouched nature with unique smells of Mediterranean, pines that descend all the way to the sea level, cherry trees, figs and grapes, soft sandy coves and a steep rocky shore, warm shallows with silver reflection of fish backs, blue depths and mysterious sea caves.
The entire island is a traffic free zone, a safe oasis for the carefree holiday with children.
All the apartments have a terrace overlooking the bay and sandy beach on the footline of the hotel.

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Offers & Accommodation

The hotel always stands at the end of the long, often tedious journey, and is the replacement for home.

The hotel is more than home, the hotel must look like a dream home, full of mysterious and new discoveries, interesting meetings, exciting events. The Kalamota Hotel is a guarantor of ancient hospitality, taste and style. With its environment and always new enthusiasm, Hotel Kalamota offers the pleasure and wins hearts of those who visit it to experience this Croatian island, Adriatic and the Mediterranean, to swim, to dive, to dance, to fish, to climb on the rocks, to pick up the grapes and wine taste, to photograph, to talk, to think and to dream, dream…

One bedroom apartment

New modern apartments with one bedroom, bathroom, living room with sofa bed and kitchen, balcony and sea view

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Two bedroom apartment

Comfortable apartments with two bedrooms, bathroom and additional toilet, living room with sofa bed and kitchen, balcony and sea view

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Three bedroom apartment

Spacious apartment with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and additional toilet, living room with sofa bed and kitchen, balcony and sea view

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Enjoy in gastronomic offer of the island

Enjoyment to the palate offers a rich gastronomic offer on the island of Kalamota.

In an exquisite hotels a'la carte restaurant one should try the traditional flavors of the Mediterranean, but also experience the delight of a completely modern and creative cuisine, with the magical drops of Dubrovnik wine lovers. The family restaurants of the Kalamota Island are dedicated to the visitor and his wishes with the art of creating a good and tasty bite and an excellent domestic atmosphere.

Active Holidays

Koločep Island is an ideal destination for all those who finds a beauty in the nature, who recognized themselves in the caves exploration, in touch with pebbled or sandy beaches, in the mysterious cove and intact underwater.

Sports and recreation enthusiasts will enjoy cycling and jogging trails that follow the coastline and the sea, as well as various water sports such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, badminton and beach volleyball.

The magic of the Blue Cave is possible to experience by swimming in its mysterious world, while the hidden bays of Sapluni and Porat offer the perfect blend of the beauty of the sea and the green landscape.

For kids and all those who feel that way Kalamota offers unhindered children's joy and excitement.

On the small glade above Gornje Čelo there is a large playground with a football field surrounded by centuries-old pine trees. It is also an ideal place for a picnic in nature, and there is also a playground with slides, swings and roulades.

Island of Koločep


Paddle into the wild, explore the coastline from the other perspective, visit magnificent Blue cave, feel the energy of the island on an active holiday


Grab a mask and slippers and dive into crystal clear sea or just float weightless while admiring unsurpassed beauty


Follow unspoilt forest paths, ride right along the coast, through villages or fields and vineyards and explore nature in its fullest

Hiking & Trekking

Be inspired by the beautiful trails and discover incredible landscapes and mountain-top views

Discover a region


As you spend your vacation in Kalamota, do not miss visiting Dubrovnik and Cavtat nearby. Thanks to the good connections, it is easy and quick to visit other Elaphite islands as well, and their lovely places: Lopud (5 km away), Suđurađ on the island of Šipan (9 km away) and Šipanska Luka (13 km away).

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Kalamota Beach House
Gornje Čelo, 20221 Koločep
tel. +385 20 414616